A Case Study in Black Aluminium

Mr & Mrs Knight Black Aluminium Installation

Properties come in all shapes and sizes and from many different era’s. In this case study we’re looking at a 1930’s dormer bungalow.

Mr and Mrs Knight wanted to drag the bungalow into the modern world. Yet sympathetically with the vintage lamp post in the garden and beautiful surrounding views. Plenty of light coming inside would also allow for enjoying the views outside.

They felt that the black aluminium was the way forward. Modern and sleek yet timeless in its nature, bringing the old and new together seamlessly.

There are many different features to this project, bay windows, French doors, bathroom frosted windows all in aluminium. The dormer windows were replaced and all the cladding done as well but not in aluminium. Perfect Choice worked with the customer to get the look they wanted and the bungalow has been transformed.

One of the details they are particularly happy with are the front doors. A lot of time and consultation was spent on getting these right. They wanted a design that would stand out, one that would let them be found but also give privacy. The frosted glass with the clear lettering for the name does just that. A statement piece but not ostentatious. So now their friends can find them without a problem, they can see whose at the door but strangers cant see in.

Working together to make ideas a reality.

Before the Installation

Here are a few photos of the bungalow before the new windows… just click on an image to make it bigger.


The following gallery shows the transformation, how an ordinary bungalow can look extraordinary. The photos really give you an idea of what can be achieved with a little imagination and design.

Perfect Choice transforming your ideas into reality.

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