A Case Study in Irish Oak

irish oak

Mr & Mrs Picket Irish Oak Installation

This is a lovely example of how a large cottage with very tired windows can be transformed. As you will see from the images below the old windows had got to a stage where nothing was going to stick to them for long. No stain or paint was going to improve these weather worn, dark and dingy eyes of the house.

A cloud of continuous maintenance loomed on the horizon for Mr & Mrs Picket. So looking to improve, not just the looks but the efficiency of their windows, they turned to Perfect Choice.

Initially the Pickets were facing the problem of condensation between the panes and the wood frames needing attention. What to do, repair or replace? They decided to bite the bullet!

You’ll see from the pictures below that the original windows are quite small and had Georgian bars. As they were going to be replaced the choice was to let more light in. The triple glazed panes increased the efficiency and economy of the home. Irish Oak was chosen as it complimented the stonework of the cottage.

So that was how they looked before and below is the transformed cottage with Residence 9 Irish Oak triple glazed windows installed. Notice how the new windows enhance the interior too not just the outside.

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