A Case Study – Mr Weavers Orangery

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The Orangery

Mr & Mrs Weaver have recently purchased this new build home. They already had ideas about opening up the space to let more light in. They had even purchased gorgeous gloss tiles ready to reflect the light through the house (see photos). Mr Weaver was planning to do it himself, having already put up a conservatory on their previous home. They knew they didn’t want all glass but rather something that would be part of the living space, a natural extension. As the design in their heads became more complicated they turned to Perfect Choice to bring it to life.

The practicalities of this build involved digging and laying foundations, building brick walls and pillars. Plus knocking out windows and removing walls.

So Mr Weaver entrusted Perfect Choice with the job of building an Orangery and transforming the downstairs of their new property. Now nearly a year on the Orangery is an integral part of the house and the hub of the home. With this design it’s the little things that make it such a part of the house. The pillars with pictures on, the window sills, the Lantern roof light all contribute to making it an extra room, a family space.

This is another example of the customer and Perfect Choice working together to achieve the home owners vision. Rather than having to choose from a book for something ‘off the shelf’ Perfect Choice will get your ideas, put them on paper and then build it. You can feel fully involved in this process.

In the gallery below you’ll be able to follow the steps of the build and see the completed building.