A Case Study – A Perfect Glass Balustrade

perfect addition

This case study considers how a glass balustrade improved a house with outstanding views across the Wye Valley. Mr and Mrs Jones of Gloucestershire recently bought this house. The previous owners had built a fabulous balcony the length of the house to be able to enjoy the views and outside space. It was dated however and in need of renovation. Its style inspired comments like ‘Twitchers Hide’ so the new owners were up for the challenge.

The Balustrade – A Perfect Addition

They contacted Perfect Choice and were directed by the Design team to the Perfect Additions range of products. The glass balustrade options caught their eye and away went their imagination. A glass balustrade would allow a variety of improvements. For example there would be more light into the lounge and bedroom, an uninterrupted view and more connection with the garden.

The process continued with a visit from the surveyors. Their job would be to measure up and check whether the present structure could support the weight of the new balustrade.

The Way It Was

In definite need of improvement.

There were a few issues with the structure and the team had to reinforce the supporting beams in order to be ready for the new balustrade. It was all worth it though. The finished result really shows what can be accomplished and the difference it can make to your lifestyle.

The Finished Balustrade

What a transformation!

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how much impact a tatty old installation is having on our ideal home. That’s where Perfect Choice come in, with extensive knowledge and experience they can help you find the right product for you to get the best from your home. Browse through some ideas here to help inspire you.

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