A Case Study in Perfect Products

Perfect Products

Mr & Mrs Wainright have a very traditional English bungalow surrounded by a traditional cottage garden. So the question facing them was – how to maintain the quaint attractive feel of their home yet meet their efficiency demands?

Let us look at some of the issues they needed to address:

  • The windows were single glazed, yet in very good condition and fitting for the bungalow.
  • The fascia’s and guttering to the rear of the house had seen better days.
  • Renovation work in the kitchen required a new window and door plus new windows to the rear.
  • The workshop roof was letting in water
  • They also required an outside sheltered space to enjoy the garden and entertain.

Bringing In Perfect Choice

So what suggestions did Perfect Choice come up with to address all these issues? We will see a range of Perfect Products that fill all these needs. First the windows, our couple went for Secondary glazing lets see the results for these.

Next – the outside. The fascia and gutters are to protect the home so these needed upgrading. The workshop roof was fixed with our EPDM roofing, a rubber layer giving outstanding results. You will notice in the photos the newly finished walls and the new windows too.

The Kitchen needed a new door and window – this was chosen to keep the space light and bright but ultimately it would open out to their fabulous new conservatory which finished off the new works beautifully. The conservatory had an active blue glazed roof, find out the benefits on our Blog post ‘To Glaze or Not to Glaze’.

We would like to thank Mr & Mrs Wainright for entrusting us to fulfil their vision for their home. The results are outstanding, even if we do say so ourselves but it was their vision.

We hope that through these case studies you can feel completely confident in allowing Perfect Choice to fulfil your vision.

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