Case Study – Warm Tiled Roof

guardian roof

A Room With a View

Mr & Mrs Clark already knew the joys of conservatory living and they made full use of theirs. However they wanted to make it more part of the house. So without having to have an extension and the complications that go with that, they allowed Perfect Choice to help.

It is in a south facing position with full views of the garden.  Our designer suggested a warm tiled roof, now what is that? Its a solid roof that is lightweight and can often be added to an existing conservatory. It is highly insulated, more than enough to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Clarks conservatory walls were suitable to take the new roof, so they made their choice.

The Build

The Perfect Choice team worked hard transforming the Clarks space, first the old roof needed to be removed. Next the structure put in place for the new roof to start taking shape. You will notice through the build pictures below the quality of the tiled roof, the thickness of the insulation plus the addition of skylights. Mr Clark kept the lads supplied with tea and coffee, much to their delight. The fitting team received commendation for always keeping things tidy and cleaning up after themselves. If you read through the testimonials you’ll notice that is a recurring theme and something we’re proud of.

The finished room, with the customers furniture in place, is truly transformed! The very happy Mr and Mrs Clarke love it and have created a lounge and dining area. They also wanted a space for their craft projects which has been achieved too.  Have a look at the finished room…

So the potential for these warm tiled roofs is not only practical but beautiful. Imagine the difference it could make to your home, how would you choose to use it? If you would like to know more give us a call on 01989 769992.

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