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Introducing our very own home Vintage Hints and Tips page. We have been trawling old magazines and books to bring you a smile and some very practical ideas! Often the old ones were the best! Over the years simple solutions get forgotten so each month we will add to this collection for your enjoyment. We’ll also be adding a few recipes to try too. If you’d like to get involved send us your Vintage household Hints and Tips and maybe a picture of the publication you saw it in, please use the contact form on the right.

vintage hints tips

Top Tips No: 2 –

Keeping with the time of year, lets delve into The Complete Cookery book 1934 for a traditional Christmas pudding. This is a whopping 12lb pudding that takes 8 hours to cook. If you want to try a simpler version see our blog.

Hints Tips

hints tips

Christmas Pudding


Here is the ideal kitchen from the time period. Notice where it comes from, none other than Harrods of Knightsbridge.

Hints tips


Top Tips No: 1

vintage hints tips

AS we are purveyors of Excellent Windows and Doors we loved these tips. From a time before double glazing and fine draught free doors, its bound to make you smile. If perchance you recognise the need to try any of them, maybe its time to get in touch with us on 01989 769992!

vintage hints tips

As winter approaches and the frosty mornings are already here that last suggestion for doorsteps is a fine Top Tip! Kerry found these in her very own 1931 ‘Women’s Own Book of the Home’.

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