FENSA Registered – All The Proof You Need


As a FENSA approved company Perfect Choice is regularly assessed to ensure our service to you is Top Notch. This means that you the customer get the peace of mind you need when putting your trust in us.

What Is Considered and Checked?

  1. That work carried out complies with building regulations
  2. Is energy efficient
  3. Is registered with the local authority
  4. That the guarantee is insured

How Do These Points Benefit You?

Perfect Choice arranges your building regulations and site visits for you as a result its less worry for you.

Perfect Choice – by choice, use energy efficient products plus a skilled fitting team because they want the best for their customers.

FENSA registers the work carried out with the local authority, thus saving you time and money.

Our guarantee is insured with the CPA, read the previous post to find out more. So FENSA will check that this is in place.

Watch the video from FENSA to see for yourself that its all the proof you need!

So our approved status in yet another government backed body gives you the peace of mind that you are choosing the Perfect company for you.

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