We are committed to providing exceptional quality, value and service and we will always be honest, ethical and efficient in all our dealings with you.

Our reputation is built on delighted customers knowing they made the Perfect Choice when they came to us.

This begins with your first contact with us, whether you have been recommended by friends and colleagues or you have emailed or telephoned with an enquiry. Maybe we left a leaflet through your letterbox or perhaps you spoke to one of our promotional staff. However you contacted us, you will be greeted with a friendly, speedy response and a warm smile.

Free Design and Consultation Service

serviceIt is a major decision to invest in improving your home and we offer a free consultation and design in your home at a time convenient to you, including evenings and weekends. Of course we will also be delighted to see you at our display and office centre in Ross on Wye.

Our free design and quotation service includes listening to your thoughts and needs, then helping you choose what’s best for you and your home and answering any questions you may have, big or small.

Our experienced design consultant will measure and explain the differences in products and share designs befitting your style of home ensuring you make the Perfect Choice.

Made to Measure

Our Master Surveyor will visit you once you have placed your order. He will measure up perfectly for manufacture, discuss any queries and confirm your scheduled installation date.


On the day of installation, our friendly and professional workmen will be with you promptly. They will work quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Perhaps most importantly, they will be clean and tidy, not leaving the mess for you.

After-Sales Care

Our service doesn’t stop when our workmen leave. Our products are independently guaranteed for ten years to give you complete peace of mind.

Whether it’s a week or 9 1/2 years after installation, if you experience any problem just call or email us. We will arrange a service call with no quibbles, often for the same day!


Here at Perfect Choice we are committed to providing exceptional quality, value & service, however sometimes things don’t always go quite to plan. 

When Problems Arise 

It is when this occurs that the true value of our total service becomes apparent. 

We have policies and procedures in place to ensure our team are on hand to quickly and efficiently deal with any issue you may have and our free alternative dispute resolution route is available should the need arise. 

Our procedures enable us to minimise errors, although we cannot mitigate every eventuality and sometimes problems may occur, such as our manufacturer may have delayed our expected delivery date, we need to reorder a damaged product or even transportation problems. 

In addition, please consider adverse weather conditions making it impossible to install or build. Or when members of staff have to take time off due to illness or personal issues – We are all human after all. 

Our intentions to deliver our service is 100%, indeed why would we want to delay anything which is obviously going to cost us money and you & us aggravation? 

Thankfully, the vast majority of our Perfect Customers are the kindest, loveliest people you could wish to meet. They understand that if a problem arises they are in perfectly safe hands. Trusting us to complete the job to our high standards and are more than complimentary about how we handle their situation. 

When you become a Perfect Customer, even if things don’t go quite to plan, you can be sure you have made the Perfect Choice. 

So, How Do YOU Complain? 

There are right and wrong ways to complain! 

Unfortunately, there are occasionally some people that no matter what you do they will never be satisfied. Perhaps you know someone like that and we do hope it isn’t you! 

It seems though, that a certain type of customer believes they deserve monetary compensation for any hiccup that has arisen. They refuse to listen to the process in a logical manner, creating drama hoping to avoid settling their invoice. Some of the illogical and rude behaviour can be quite astounding, with threats to leave bad reviews unless they get what they want! This typifies the rising breed of consumer – indeed they are known by Trading Standards as Rogue Customers! 

People looking for any reason to reduce the price they have agreed to pay are certainly on the increase. From false accident insurance claims to trying to get a free meal at the local restaurant by complaining. We hear of their tantrums and attitudes. Quite frankly we at Perfect Choice have been brought up to respect others and will not tolerate bullies, or rogue customers. 

Should any issue arise, rest assured you will be dealt with in a polite and courteous manner. We will work with you to resolve any situation professionally and ethically. 

Consideration to others costs nothing and means the difference between unproductive verbal abuse or polite and effective communication. 

As the book of James notes: 

Just as a ships rudder is the smallest of its parts, it can steer the whole ship. The tongue, although small, leaves a lasting impression. – Wise words indeed! 

Want to deal with a company that takes its obligations seriously? Give us a call on 01989 769992 for a free quote. Take a look at our range here to see how we can help you.

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